my first rant

November 17, 2010

I hate yoru ex girlfriends
i hate when yo utal kto them or when they talk to you i hate that i feel second place to kaylie
i hate how everythign kinda ticks you off
i hate how i dont live in maine
I hate when i miss work because its less money to see you
i hate how im aabout to throw up
i hate when yo usay someone looks cute
i hate feeling liek you think asians are prettier
i hate how my family hates you
i hate how i get bitched at for going to maine
i hate how peoples parents hate our relationship
i hate how our pda is so high that people just expect us to be bad people because ofi t
I hate how i feel liek a slut sometimes
i hate when people make fu nof me
i hate how much i weigh
I hate how big my boobs are
i hate how we never get alone time
I hate when people cause drama
i hate when i cant be peoples friends
i hate when i cant meet new people
I hate when i drop friends
i hate not going to maine
I hate having to wait for my checks
I hate how we fight every other day
I hate how its over teh stupdist things
i hate feeling liek im takign something away from you
I hate how i cant see you on our 5 month
and 6 month
i hate homework
I hate how i dont have a phone
I hate when i cant talk to you
I hate when i have no internet
I hate how crappy my computer is
I hate when my mom bothers me
I hate when I cnat do things i want to do
I hate when I have no choice
I hate when I feel liek im being lied to
I hate when People hate me
I hate it when I get insults from formspring
I hate when yo uthink im lying
I hate when you yell at me
I hate when your upset
I hate when your mom yells at you
I hate it when you dont go to school
I hate it when you dont do your homework
I hate feeling liek im nothing
I hate feeling liek i cant do anything
And i hate it when people want me to tell another person off
and I hate it when I HATE THINGS.
i hate when we get into a figth and everyone around us become depressed
i hate it when people obsess over you
I hate it when people confess their love to you
I hate when people try to ruin our relationship
I hate it when i feel liek you break a little bit away from me
i hate it when peopel see us making out
I hate it when i dont care that peopel see us makign out
I hate it when i rant
I hate it when people hot on me
I hate it when peopel hti on you
I hate it when people think i dont care when i really do
I hate it when People call you a girl
I hate it when you get super angry at me when i say teh wrong thing
I hate it when you mom says your not gettign out of high school
I hate it when im in a cuddly mood and i have to leave or people are around
I hate it when i go home to boston
I hate it when i miss a bus to maine
I hate it whern yo udont think i lvoe you
i hate it when you dont thin kwe love eachother teh same
I hated thinkign that one day at the mall i should break up with you
I hate it when yo utry to kill your self
i hate it when yo uthin kabotu trying to kill your self
I hate it when yo udont respond to things i say
I hate it when you have a bad day
I hate it when yo ucry
i hate it when yo ubreak thigns
i hate when you are frustrated
I hate when people find out abotu our arguements because we make it our post on websites
I hate it when people try to pry or understand our relationship
i hate it when peopel use our figths agains us
I hate it when were not happy
i hate it when you hate somethign i do
I hate when we sleep over other peoples hosues than your own when its not ap arty
I hate it when parents tal kabout me or us behind our backs
i hate how confusing our friend circle is
and I hate it when i tell you things taht upset you
The only thing i liek rite now is the fact that i have a tooth brush at your hosue. :3 it makes me feel at home. xD; <3


May 9, 2010

DUDE I HAVEN’T POSTED ANYTHING IN FOREVER! xD;; I should start doing this everyday! Make a habit out of it or something!

Well, Inbetween this post and my last post, I have gone to Anime Boston ’10 I also went to China, I visited Shanghai and Hangzhou.  It was great I toke tons of photos but my camera did die, and I didn’t get batteries until the end of the trip. D: So I used someone’s who I was on the trip with, It was a Cannon S90. It was great. It just makes me more eager to get that 550D I have been saving for. (Not really saving. But will soon)

Anyways, I’ll post later. ^ ^;;


March 10, 2010

Still don’t have my joanns card back. Still have so much work and STATE WIDE TESTING D’:


March 8, 2010

Anime Boston… SO CLOSE.

I think I now have two maybes. Knuckles and Ritsu. :S I hope I can get them done PROBEBLY NOT D’:


March 7, 2010

Finally I have made up my mind

Friday: Sora – Kingdom Hearts

Saturday: Ciel Phantomhive – Kuroshitsuji, Fuuta – KHR!

Sunday: Miharu Rokujo – Nabari No Ou


March 3, 2010

Still haven’t finished Miharu. D:

I need to find stuff for fuuta get my byakuran wig, and find/make things for byakuran. Lots of work. No time. D:


March 1, 2010

Gosh, I love Byakuran from reborn. I think I’m going to be cosplaying him for anime boston. I hate that I keep dropping cosplays and getting new ones. I’m never doing this again. Watch when I do it next con…. >.>;;

Well I am overwhelmed with work. YAY (sarcasm)  Going to go die now. WELL NOT LITERALLY. but yeah….I am tried.


February 28, 2010

One of my friends gave the idea to have a flash mob. BEST IDEA EVER! I just make a mix for it. I love it! Especially one of the transitions!

I have to learn all the dances now. But I good at catching o. So, it will be easy! 8D I can’t wait to practice this in the sq.! DURHUR~

Well, cosplay progress, isn’t progressing. >..< But I’ll get it done! :3

I’m out~ ❤

Cosplays and Conventions.

February 25, 2010

Heh. Here’s an update on my cosplays for conventions list.

Anime Boston ’10:

Miharu Rokujo – Nabari No Ou (Frog Apron)

Ciel Phantomhive – Kuroshitsuji (First outfit, Green)

Captain Knuckles – Flapjack

Fuuta – Reborn!(Wonderland version Or regular?)

Portcon ’10:

Fuuta – Reborn! (Friday)

Ciel Phantomhive – Kuroshitsuji (Pink Dress A.K.A Robin) (Saturday & Sunday)

Conneticon ’10:

Fai D. Flourite – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (All week end, Since He is the first person I have wanted to cosplay. He is my favorite character. <3)

AAC ’10:

Luki and Noki – DOGS (Friday)

Sora – Kingdom Hearts(HALLOWEEN) (Saturday)

Rin Kagamine – Vocaloid (Alice in Wonderland – Mad Hatter) (Sunday)

Anime Boston ’11:

Aldred – Rust Blaster (Friday)

Lavi – D.Gray-Man (Saturday)

Rin Kagamine – Vocaloid (Dress and Magnet) (Sunday)

I’m Back. Life has been good but crappy. Well I can’t afford my Rin Cosplay anymore….I’m screwed. I don’t know what I am going to do Saturday of the convention. Maybe, I’ll stay as Fuuta and hang with Reborn cosplayers. I don’t know who I going to be Thursday for Pre-registration pick up either. ?.?

Well, so far I am going as: Captain Knuckles[Flapjack] for Friday. Ciel Phantomhive[Kuroshitsuji] for a photoshoot on Saturday.  Fuuta[KHR-Reborn!] for Xanxus and Squalo’s wedding. Lastly, Miharu Rokujo[Nabari No Ou] for Saturday. I want to do another cosplay with my cousin for Saturday, but I have no clue what since I am very low on money. Except my Joanns gift card, BUT JUST GUESS WHO CAN’T SEW FOR SHIT. CORRECT ME! @____@ I hate sewing anyway! :<

Prop making and Wig styling is what I like. \^^/

Anyways, Hopefully I can get all these cosplays done. Even though the con is 1 MONTH away! >.<;;

I a bit scared for the outcome, but it probably can’t get any worse! XD I’ll be using my own hair for Fuuta, so wish me luck!

Went to a couple cosplay meet-ups. They were awesome as expected. I keep on meeting awesome people, as expected, again!

I’m Out~ ❤