December 6, 2009

Gosh! I don’t think I’m talking to the world here…maybe people who decided to be bored and stumbled upon this tiny blog out of millions, I have never had a blog. So, do I just write random things and assume people Love it and won’t stop reading it until I die? I don’t think so, I probably have my friends read this and when people want to know about some Anime’s they will come to my blog and read about it. I think I will do an Anime of the week. I have a perfect one in mind :] It will probably be Darker Than Black: Ryusei no Gemini, This Is season Two Of Darker Than Black, It is starts after Hei And Yin run from the Syndicate, Except a new character Is involved, Suou is a young girl who had a brother that was a contractor. They hid him from the world, only her and her father new about him, and also their mother who left them at an early age but I doubt she knows he is a contractor. There has only been 9 episodes so far, and a trailer of the OVA for the time when Hei and Yin are running from the syndicate. There is a first season of Darker than Black, You can watch it in Subbed or Dubbed. There are 26 episodes in the First season, I think :I

Thanks for reading! ^ ^



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