December 6, 2009

It was snowing yesterday night 🙂 so there is snow on the ground… but alot of it melted.  My mood is -ish.. becuase I had to do laundry today.  Now I am just listening to music. I guess the photo of the day is…

This picture is from Reborn! It is Gokudera teaching Tsuna how to swim. haha.

I am really just in front of my computer making faces at it. Boredom :I

Im hungry…I want Ramen and Pocky and chocolate milk..wouldn’t that go nicely together xD Why don’t I make a manga recommendation….Air—Nevermind that one. How about Millennium Snow, It is written by the same person who wrote OHSHC ❤ It is about a girl with a bad heart condition who will die soon…she meets a vampire who can make her live for 1,000 years if he bites her, but he won’t, this manga has been dropped, new chapters haven’t come out in a while, let’s hope she picks it back up!~

o.o FACES!!! >:D >: <: @.@ :S D: 😦 Okai! I am done now lol.


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