December 7, 2009

Today was a good day missed some of school due to a appointment. Also, today I recently figured out two of my friends are going to a Anime convention, theay are going as Kuroshitusji Characters,Madam Red and Grell Sutcliff, I was thinking about going to, I now want to go with them and bring Finny and Totoro along. 🙂

I plan on doing Robin Ciel If I can afford it 😀 because I am convinced I need this specific Robin Ciel Dress from fan plus friend that is 200+ dollars x.X But it is SOOO worth it 😀 I am also planing on doing a skit for it! and being in the artist alley, MAYBE a panel too! ❤ I can’t wait to see if i can go 🙂 But first I have to take care of anime boston…got to start my ciel costume and got to find out which Lavi I am cosplaying, and to see if i can do another cosplay. Right now I have no idea if I can do doll….It will be tough…but I got to try for the skit. Oh i forgot I need to ask someone something… :I, I LOST THE GAME D:< Yes u are playing the game and NO I will not tell you the rules, comment if you want to know… :/

Well photo of the day is……


This is a Picture Of  The Mad Hatter from SYFY’s New Series, “Alice”, It is a modern version of Alice in wonderland. I recommend EVERYONE watch this it is absolutely AMAZING!

On top of that I love Andrew Lee Potts

Well anyway I have homework to do and the last half of Alice to watch tonight~ 😀


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