Huh..Tuesday Again |><|

December 15, 2009

LOL I haven’t posted anything in one week! Well I will be sure to keep up with this blog~

Hmm things I did between the last post and this one…OH I went to a cosplay meet up 🙂 I cosplayed my own version of girl Ciel. I also went to a Anime Store and got some christmas presents…I met my friends there, it was fun. I also got a yummy mint chocolate cuppycake, it was really yummy. I glad I got alot done over the weekend!

I just started reading a new manga called Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro It’s pretty good so far, It is about a Demon that comes to the surface(human world). He loves to solve riddles, and gets this girl to be his side kick. I mean it doesn’t sound as kewl as it really is, but if you stick with it, it will get interesting ^ ^

I toke a Actor’s class today…I guess I am much move creative than I thought 🙂 I kept coming up with ideas that were “Totally Awesome!” or “GREAT!” I kept on getting a big applause…TeeHee It was fun.

I think I’m going to start writting some fanfictions 🙂 and Skits….and maybe some stories in general… 🙂 writing is lots of fun, I also have a Play about Beliefs due…. ><;; I have no clue what to write about. THANKS CREATIVITY!!! DGFSHTSSFD@!W@#T$. Hopefully I will come up with something. :/

Temped to learn this dance for my Vocaloid cosplay 🙂 Though Vocaloid Dances can be awfully hard *O*


Watch in HD! 😀 I can learn it if I try but its to hard from me too stick with right now….When I cosplay Vocaloid I will probably know it…

Well I still have to pick my cosplays for my next con |><| This will be hard…So far I have Lavi from D.Gray-Man and Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji on my list. I might do a Hetalia cosplay too x3 Hopefully I can make them all, and get my wigs and stuff for the con.

Tomorrow is wensday, the next Kuroshitsuji chapter comes out soon 🙂 and Christmas is around the corner.


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