…. :P

January 21, 2010

Today I had one epic field trip to a museum!  It was fun. I still haven’t seen the guy who looked like Germany again(from Hetalia).  I bored now, I don’t really want to play video games, talk, sew, or dance right now. I am bit hungry to, maybe I will eat.

So, last Saturday was a Hetalia meet up that was very fun. We were going to go Ice skating but we didn’t we went to this kid park and had lots of fun, did some dances. Then we went to this food hall, Got pizza and a drink, I ended up staying there until 7:30 talking to people. :3 Great times~

Now I am listening to my America FLELE It is supah cute! C: I’m totally in love with it, if you want the link I’ll send it to you. America has Hamburger Headphones, I really want some now! And the Vocaloid Magnet Headphones. :]


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