January 22, 2010

I am bored right now, I have to stay up. This sucks. I don’t think I am going to school tomorrow. I want to go to sleep.

Bleh, I kind of hungry too. My computer screen is too bright it hurts my eyes but, I can turn it down. I want to play video games right now, but then I don’t. Wow, life is confusing right now, I would rather just go to sleep! But whatever, I don’t want to talk to anyone either because I about to fall asleep. I mean I want to talk to them but now isn’t the right time, for me. I have to revise my play! Which I should have gotten more time to do. I hate my play anyway! I don’t want to make it so it’s ‘Tipping off the edge’ or whatever! There are no cliffs, or edges!

I’m super cold now, and someones using my blanket, and I can’t have it because every one is asleep but me. Great! Why do I have to stay up? >.> I would tell people but it is complicated. VERY complicated. Wow, every heater is on but its still frizzing, I’m not in Russia, Canada, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, or anywhere that cold, so my house should be warm! I just full of complaints right now, lol. Well, it could be worse, like staying up for longer(Which will probably happen!). Maybe I should have a cup of tea that would warm me right up. :3

Maybe, read my Kuroshitsuji book C: That would be nice, now only if I had a fire place, it would be perfect!~


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