January 23, 2010

I have been playing Zelda(twilight princess and phantom hourglass) I noticed that they make every thing twice as hard as it needs to be.  All those puzzles and stuff. It’s still awesome though, but I would just like to kill a giant plant monster and get all three monkey’s not one. Anyways, I keep on running out of time on Phantom Hourglass. It sucks! I have to keep on redoing the floors after the midway point. I don’t agree with ‘midway’, because there more than 10 floors. >.>

I still can’t decide whether to Cosplay Prussia or Romano…. >.< Hopefully I decide soon so I will have my Hetalia cosplay done by March. One month!! X.X

Still have to make the Twister board DX and I have something else hanging over my head to do. Why do I hear people saying Alice? That’s weired…


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