January 24, 2010

BERWALD A.K.A SWEDEN. Yup, I will be Cosplaying him for the upcoming convention. I will have a Finland with me, because were a pair. ^ ^

We were deciding between Italy and Romano OR Sweden and Finland. I cannot wait to finish these Cosplays. We have awesome ideas for them! I am pretty sure we also have a Ukraine rolling with us. :3

I still haven’t started on sewing. >.> I going to die if I don’t start, NOW! Well, more like next weekend, because grades close, so I have to catch up on all my overdue work. I may get stalked by my friends Wensday! 😀

Buying another wig next week, My berwald one! :3

Eh, I need like 7-inch platform boots for Berwald because he is so tall, and I want to look close to his height. :I

Anyways, I am still still listening to Miki and her awesome song Fragile Snow. ❤


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