Miki’s Voice~

January 24, 2010

O.o Just thought A fire started in my house. I just got really scared. Thank god it was a false alarm! Anyways, I just found out there are new Vocaloids, 3 to be exact(I think). I have completely fell in love with the new Vocaloid Miki. She has a amazing voice~ It sounds like miku and something special.

This is my favorite song, I cannot stop listening to it. :3

Other news!

I have fell in serious love with Spain from Hetalia, of course! He is so Cute and Sexy at the same time! I absolutely adore him~ ❤

And I have memorized the lyrics to South Italy’s Delicious Tomato Song~ ^ ^ I kinda want to make up a dance to it, if there already isn’t. :3


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