February 4, 2010

OH EM GEE! I got My Miharu wig today. It is PURDY as hell! I love it. I am Almost done with my cosplay! I just have to make the Apron. Because right now it is a 7-year old’s Creation in paint. XD

I had to take it off though. I had to take Passport pictures.

Well, I want to get these Korean Contacts for Miharu, since he has Green eyes, and well, I DON’T! T^T I wish I did though.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for Sweden but, I will cosplay him. I may cut my own wig. I also may cut my Ciel wig a bit in the front. I hope everything comes out good looking I need some wig heads. Which I can’t afford. =.= This is lame.

I’m Hungry I need to go eat.

P.S I hate a chinese test and I passed! YAY, now I get to go to China probably rigth after a upcoming con. Guess who will be sleeping on the flight there! XD


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