February 25, 2010

I’m Back. Life has been good but crappy. Well I can’t afford my Rin Cosplay anymore….I’m screwed. I don’t know what I am going to do Saturday of the convention. Maybe, I’ll stay as Fuuta and hang with Reborn cosplayers. I don’t know who I going to be Thursday for Pre-registration pick up either. ?.?

Well, so far I am going as: Captain Knuckles[Flapjack] for Friday. Ciel Phantomhive[Kuroshitsuji] for a photoshoot on Saturday.  Fuuta[KHR-Reborn!] for Xanxus and Squalo’s wedding. Lastly, Miharu Rokujo[Nabari No Ou] for Saturday. I want to do another cosplay with my cousin for Saturday, but I have no clue what since I am very low on money. Except my Joanns gift card, BUT JUST GUESS WHO CAN’T SEW FOR SHIT. CORRECT ME! @____@ I hate sewing anyway! :<

Prop making and Wig styling is what I like. \^^/

Anyways, Hopefully I can get all these cosplays done. Even though the con is 1 MONTH away! >.<;;

I a bit scared for the outcome, but it probably can’t get any worse! XD I’ll be using my own hair for Fuuta, so wish me luck!

Went to a couple cosplay meet-ups. They were awesome as expected. I keep on meeting awesome people, as expected, again!

I’m Out~ ❤


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