A lot of people call me Lavi, but you don’t have to(BECAUSE GILBY IS FINE TOO).  I’m a student, I don’t really like school, never really did. I love sleep but I hate it, it waste so much precious time I wish I had. I a very optimistic person, I always think of good things, and when something bad happens I automatically make it good. My teacher told me that.


Cosplaying, Anime Conventions, Japanese Rock and Pop, Techno/Trance/Rave (any language), Anime, Manga, Wigs, Hair Dye, Candy, Sweets, Adventures, Friends, Life, Music, Ice Cream, Lolipops, Not being of fire, Dancing, Acting(Even though I forget my lines), Signing(Even though I can not sing), Hetalia, Kuroshitsuji, Socks, An cafe, Stamps, Make-up, Art, Writing, Blogging, Parties, Meet-ups, BBFs, Butterflies, Duct Tape, FlapJack, FLELE, Russian, Russia, Ivan, Gilbert, Moives, Band-Aids, The Game, Classical Music, Platonic Relationships, and Frog Aporns.


Spiders, Creepers, Pedobear, Mean People, Mean Cosplayers, Jealous People, Bad Moods, Sadness, People Who Are Sad When They Don’t Need To Be, Marriage, Babies, Injuries, Tofu, Seafood, Bubble Gum, and Popcorn.

Right Now


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