February 4, 2010

OH EM GEE! I got My Miharu wig today. It is PURDY as hell! I love it. I am Almost done with my cosplay! I just have to make the Apron. Because right now it is a 7-year old’s Creation in paint. XD

I had to take it off though. I had to take Passport pictures.

Well, I want to get these Korean Contacts for Miharu, since he has Green eyes, and well, I DON’T! T^T I wish I did though.

I don’t know what I’m going to do for Sweden but, I will cosplay him. I may cut my own wig. I also may cut my Ciel wig a bit in the front. I hope everything comes out good looking I need some wig heads. Which I can’t afford. =.= This is lame.

I’m Hungry I need to go eat.

P.S I hate a chinese test and I passed! YAY, now I get to go to China probably rigth after a upcoming con. Guess who will be sleeping on the flight there! XD


More Midna And Link

January 31, 2010

Nothing Really to blog about right now, All I have been doing is playing Legend of Zelda. Getting halfway there! XD

LoZ, NEVER. ENDS. Such long games.

Anyway, I tried out sewing today. I. HATE. IT. It is so much work, and boring. How can people do it!


January 24, 2010

BERWALD A.K.A SWEDEN. Yup, I will be Cosplaying him for the upcoming convention. I will have a Finland with me, because were a pair. ^ ^

We were deciding between Italy and Romano OR Sweden and Finland. I cannot wait to finish these Cosplays. We have awesome ideas for them! I am pretty sure we also have a Ukraine rolling with us. :3

I still haven’t started on sewing. >.> I going to die if I don’t start, NOW! Well, more like next weekend, because grades close, so I have to catch up on all my overdue work. I may get stalked by my friends Wensday! 😀

Buying another wig next week, My berwald one! :3

Eh, I need like 7-inch platform boots for Berwald because he is so tall, and I want to look close to his height. :I

Anyways, I am still still listening to Miki and her awesome song Fragile Snow. ❤

Miki’s Voice~

January 24, 2010

O.o Just thought A fire started in my house. I just got really scared. Thank god it was a false alarm! Anyways, I just found out there are new Vocaloids, 3 to be exact(I think). I have completely fell in love with the new Vocaloid Miki. She has a amazing voice~ It sounds like miku and something special.

This is my favorite song, I cannot stop listening to it. :3

Other news!

I have fell in serious love with Spain from Hetalia, of course! He is so Cute and Sexy at the same time! I absolutely adore him~ ❤

And I have memorized the lyrics to South Italy’s Delicious Tomato Song~ ^ ^ I kinda want to make up a dance to it, if there already isn’t. :3


January 23, 2010

I have been playing Zelda(twilight princess and phantom hourglass) I noticed that they make every thing twice as hard as it needs to be.  All those puzzles and stuff. It’s still awesome though, but I would just like to kill a giant plant monster and get all three monkey’s not one. Anyways, I keep on running out of time on Phantom Hourglass. It sucks! I have to keep on redoing the floors after the midway point. I don’t agree with ‘midway’, because there more than 10 floors. >.>

I still can’t decide whether to Cosplay Prussia or Romano…. >.< Hopefully I decide soon so I will have my Hetalia cosplay done by March. One month!! X.X

Still have to make the Twister board DX and I have something else hanging over my head to do. Why do I hear people saying Alice? That’s weired…


January 22, 2010

Today I got farther in Legend Of Zelda Phantom Hourglass. :] I got to this hilarious cut scene with tetra and Linebeck! LOL

Still have to edit my play! >.<

Listening to more Hetalia songs, lol. I just had some Ramen(cheddar cheese :3). Now I am going to have some sweets and candy!~


January 22, 2010

I am bored right now, I have to stay up. This sucks. I don’t think I am going to school tomorrow. I want to go to sleep.

Bleh, I kind of hungry too. My computer screen is too bright it hurts my eyes but, I can turn it down. I want to play video games right now, but then I don’t. Wow, life is confusing right now, I would rather just go to sleep! But whatever, I don’t want to talk to anyone either because I about to fall asleep. I mean I want to talk to them but now isn’t the right time, for me. I have to revise my play! Which I should have gotten more time to do. I hate my play anyway! I don’t want to make it so it’s ‘Tipping off the edge’ or whatever! There are no cliffs, or edges!

I’m super cold now, and someones using my blanket, and I can’t have it because every one is asleep but me. Great! Why do I have to stay up? >.> I would tell people but it is complicated. VERY complicated. Wow, every heater is on but its still frizzing, I’m not in Russia, Canada, Alaska, Norway, Sweden, or anywhere that cold, so my house should be warm! I just full of complaints right now, lol. Well, it could be worse, like staying up for longer(Which will probably happen!). Maybe I should have a cup of tea that would warm me right up. :3

Maybe, read my Kuroshitsuji book C: That would be nice, now only if I had a fire place, it would be perfect!~

…. :P

January 21, 2010

Today I had one epic field trip to a museum!  It was fun. I still haven’t seen the guy who looked like Germany again(from Hetalia).  I bored now, I don’t really want to play video games, talk, sew, or dance right now. I am bit hungry to, maybe I will eat.

So, last Saturday was a Hetalia meet up that was very fun. We were going to go Ice skating but we didn’t we went to this kid park and had lots of fun, did some dances. Then we went to this food hall, Got pizza and a drink, I ended up staying there until 7:30 talking to people. :3 Great times~

Now I am listening to my America FLELE It is supah cute! C: I’m totally in love with it, if you want the link I’ll send it to you. America has Hamburger Headphones, I really want some now! And the Vocaloid Magnet Headphones. :]


January 20, 2010

OMK OMK The two coolest things ever happened!~ I saw a guy in my elevator, you won’t believe who he looked exactly like. GERMANY, from Hetalia! He looked exactly like him, and he also looked German! If I see him again, I am going to take his picture(If I have a camera). I also am tempted to carry a picture of Germany in my pocket and have him sign it! I forgot what floor he got off on but, I SO WANT TO SEE THIS GUY AGAIN! *O*

Today, I got my Kuroshitsuji Volume one! I pre-ordered it about a month ago!  I am proud to say it is the sexiest book I own!~


January 19, 2010


Wow! I haven’t posted in a while, I’m a bad blogger! DX I’ll definitely post more now!

TODAY WAS AWESOME! I had so much fun. Let’s start from the beginning here!

Well it was supposed to be Cosplay Ice Skating, but the skating rink was closed. So we headed to theis giant center with lots of stores!

Well we finally got the whole group together while we were there. We went into many stores and looked at many things, I found out I have ALOT in common with one of my friends! We also went to Pandora looking for Pandora’s box! They didn’t have any boxes, lame right? :/

We went into Yankee Candle and tried Lip Blam(BRILLIANT). Another, great place we went was Barnes and Noble, me and my friend were on the look out for learning Russian book, because we LOVE Russia, and want to go live there, and go clubbin’ in Russia. LOL. But this is Serious Business. ^ ^

I got Nabari No Ou book two, and my friend got a learning Russia book. 8D

I know I’m not going in order, I never do. Lol.

We also had so much fun at the food court. We had ORANGE CHICKEN with steamed rice. 🙂  I taught people how to kiss someone, but instead your kissing you own hand.  ^ ^  I think it went over well for everyone but Squalo’s finance. XD

So, we had fortune cookies, and my friend does the funniest thing she adds IN BED at the end of her fortunes. It is the funniest thing EVER. ❤

Ah, the train ride we had was awesome, it was when most of the group was leaving. I kept on losing the game. ILTG! >.>

So, we had a great conversation about renting a party train, also how Prussia doesn’t need to hold a bar on the train. LOL, that reminds me of when I was holding Russia hand and we happened  to be infront of Japan’s(KIKI’s) Vital Regions! XD I so can Invade some ones Vital region’s with out them knowing! 😀

After most of the group left, me Russia and Japan, were the only ones left. So, we walked around Downtown. We went to this army store, due to Hetalia. We found some great stuff, like a giant combat boot to fit all of Prussia’s awesome-ness. 😀 We found America pant’s and a shirt with no buttons though.

Then, we went to a 5 FLOOR! F.Y.E It was amazing! The 5th floor was all anime and video games! We looked a tons of stuff, we ended up getting pocky! 😀 After we went to a small mall in downtown, and we played the POCKY GAME! Unfortunately, I thought the Pocky game was a REALLY fun game and it was like wish bone. I was dead wrong. Its actually much, much different, You have a piece of pocky and each end is where you hold it in your mouth, and you eat it until someone pulls away, and when the pocky is gone….

So, now knowing what this was…I didn’t want to get to the outcome of when the pocky was gone. So, I was laughing really hard about it, because that is what I do when I get a uncomfortable situation. Mature, huh? But after a LOT of tries, I got used to it…It’s the funniest game I have ever played!(and to note the wishbone version…does not work and is not fun.) ^ ^

I always save the best for last! HUZZAH! Me, Japan(KIKI), and Russia. All went into a store that was going out of business. It was a cool looking store. We found these necklaces, they were letter necklaces. They were lowercase too, which I think is really cool! So me being (AWESOME)Prussia and all, and Russia being a KOLKOLKOL, lol. We got a ‘i’ necklace for Ivan(Russia), which I wear. Russia got a ‘g’ for Gilbert(Prussia). Japan got a Really Pretty star necklace, with a little SHINY gem on it. : >

This day was great. There was also Saturday which was fun too! I also remembered a lot of great things from today. 🙂

I’ll blog about Saturday later, probably tomorrow!